We Cater to any kind of event you can dream up, no power, no stage, no shelter or anything else you can throw at us is no problem. We will put a band on top of a Sand Dune if thats what you need.

We Specialise in the Following types of Events:

Outdoor Markets: We supply markets with live acts, sound reinforcement and background music, basically everything needed to keep people at your market spending money.

Outdoor Races: We Supply live acts, sound hire, DJ services, wireless mics and staging to outdoor races such as trail runs, mountain bike races and adventure races.

Corporate Functions: Let us take the hassle out of your corporate event, we will bring you the right artist, the right DJ, the right staging and lighting and the right equipment to make clearly audible speeches ensuring your message has maximum impact.

Festivals: Let us take on the responsibility for the lineup and production of your beer/harvest or whatever other festival, we will book excellent artists for your festival and execute the production flawlessly. From staging and lighting to sound reinforcement and engineering. Partner with us and we will keep your revellers entertained, all at a price that fits your budget.